Cross Media Content for versatile entertainment

Combination of art and music.

Hans From Space is working with different media, especially art, music & light in interaction.

Personal works and services are available for individual customers, companies and event organizers.

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Art and music services are provided either combined (f.e. as an art space or live-performance) or separate.

Cross-media working aspects build the foundation for flexible and versatile entertainment strategies.

Cross-media benefits.

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Contrast & dynamics

The communication of Hans From Space is working with innovation and dynamic contrasts, while considering defined conceptual conditions.

Create space to fuel emotion.

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Customer wishes are always key! A purposeful realization of the project is prioritized. I am happy to help you finding a fitting solution for your request.

Strong content at your own wishes

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Personal and flexible.

The outer shape is following strict guidelines and is reflecting the style of the artist.

If you prefer something else, we can find a different way of fulfilling your needs.

Available art or music – click here.

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The content-related design is built on a conceptual level, individually for every customer.

If you need any help with finding ideas or concept developement, I am looking forward to assist you in an advisory capacity.

Advices for conceptual ideas

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Hans From Space mit "Bruddha", Profilfoto mit Wandgestaltung / Graffiti in Regenbogen-Farben im Hintergrund, Berlin Mauerpark
Hans From Space

Alex Leindecker, born 1992, from Bingen, near Mainz, RLP, Germany

music producer & artist since 2008 – independent company since 2018

Origins and history


Due to an early connection to art in my childhood I started off with graffiti at the age of 12. Various writing styles, comic figures, color and composition were the main aspects at the beginning.

As I as travelling through Australia in 2013, an abstract, illustrative style developed. This built the foundation for the basic idea behind „Hans From Space“.

Influences: surrealism, art nouveau, street art, psychedelic art

In the following years, I was able to expand this knowledge. I gained experience in the general organization and art direction of the event series „Schnick Schnack“, which lasted about 5 years. This platform laid the foundation to create conceptual artwork, decoration, printed flyers, online banners, handwriting styles, promotional stickers, and more.

In 2018, I founded the independent company „Hans From Space Craft“. Meanwhile, I create individual designs for different media (personal tattoo sketches, graffiti & wall design, canvas, print & digital art, general design inquiries).

My family is running a printery, so there is a great access to diverse high-quality paper and textile prints.

The interaction of diverse media represents a main aspect of my work, This principle is also shown with the „Color Fading“ artworks.


The first electronic music productions were mainly produced in the genre „Techno / Techhouse“ since 2009.

With growing experience I started to play live sets (self-produced music only) at various regional events. The performance is based on 8 tracks / track groups, effects and live arrangements.

As part of the mentioned „Schnick Schnack“ events, I could regularly experiment with sounds and promote my music. Since then, I have had the honor to present my own music at numerous events (mainly in West Germany).

At the end of 2014, I began producing music as „Hans From Space“ to pursue a personal passion – the alternative, experimental, trip-hop , Hip-hop, chillout and psychedelic genre. My first digital „Contemplatio EP“ was released in 2018.

Beside personal work, I started my first customer related music projects in 2019 – composition, arrengement, sound design, mix and post production – more projects (and references) upcoming.

A new album named „Third Eye“ will be released in April 2020.

Thanks for your time,

Hans From Space


gif animation changing colors and planets of the solar system with hans from space logo
Hans From Space Craft

„Color Fading“ art & music
Mainz-Bingen, RLP, Germany

[email protected]