Third Eye Album – Mix Instrumental Genres

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Aggrotraum Album – Dark HipHop Beats

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"Hans From Space - Third Eye" Cover Artwork

Third Eye – 14 Tracks / 2020

Genre: Mix

Aggrotraum Album Cover Art von Hans From Space

Aggrotraum – 11 Tracks / 2020

Genre: Hiphop, Trap, Industrial, Dark, Cinematic

Lucid Forever Musik Album Cover von Hans From Space

Lucid Forever – 10 Tracks / 2021

Genre: HipHop, Lofi, Chillhop

Tiebreak Twin EP – 2 Tracks / 2021

Genre: Funk, Triphop

Inside Child Alien Mind Cover Art Illustration & Musikproduktion von Hans From Space

Inside Child Alien Mind – 9 Tracks / 2021

Genre: Trihop, Experimental, Diverse

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