DeBeijer-Stassen, Wedding Invitation Card | Illustration & Design

Hochzeit Einladungskarte DeBeijer - Frontillustration mit Gartenfest-Szenerie
Hochzeit Einladungskarte DeBeijer - Rück-Illustration "Verliebter Maulwurf"
Hochzeit Einladungskarte DeBeijer - Inlay-Illustration "Smoker und Girlande"

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content and presentation

At the bottom, right next to the wedding date, the groom invites you to the love feast. The bride and her daughter receive the guests on the meadow and accept the first presents. Two children are tackling the wedding cake next to the buffet. On the left is a signpost with the bride and groom’s hometowns on the left. On the right in the direction of the event, the two signs “Hochzeit” and “Baptism” indicate the occasion. Above it is a teepee with rising smoke, right next to the “Whiskey Sofa Corner”. All animals are in love with the beautiful bride. The names of the bridal couple and the christened child float at the top of the picture in a simple round arch. The “smoker” on the inside was taken from a previous illustration at the client’s request. The garland continuously connects the image on the front with the content text. The “mole in love” forms the end of the multi-page composition on the lower back.

Approach & Implementation

The general conditions of the wedding followed rather unconventional design guidelines. This “relaxedness” should be communicated with the design of the invitation. In this regard, the focus was on a comic-like illustration showing a summer party scene with those involved. Some content of the actual event should also be picked up.

The illustration extends over all pages and “encloses” the information text. The figure at the back acts as a symbolic reaction to the information and is intended to elicit a smile after reading it. In this way, text and image are linked in terms of both content and layout. The implementation was coordinated in several passes and some content was added during the process.

Project Information

  1. Invitation card Hochzeit DeBeijer
  2. Digital illustration, hand lettering & print layout
  3. Scene excerpts according to customer requirements

The invitation as a folding card for the wedding ceremony in Holland should above allappear playful and relaxed. The wedding summer party was a good opportunity to createa colorful illustration of the scenery on the front. Two cartoon characters have been placed on the inside and back to revisit the color and design. The contents of the scene shown were designed according to the customer’s wishes.

  • Preliminary drawing in pencil
  • Scan and digital elaboration
  • Data preparation for print
  • Size 10.5×14.8cm folded card
  • Working time: 12hours

The final adaptation of the print data and the printwas taken over by the family-internal printery Leindecker.

Photos of the printed version follow.

DeBeijer-Stassen, Wedding Invitation Card Illustration & Design

DeBeijer-Stassen, Wedding Invitation Card | Illustration & Design