“Jano Domo” band, logo design

Jano Domo Bandlogo Original, Illustration by Hans From Space

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Artist Jano Domo (Janis Schäfer) makes acoustic singer-songwriter music with deep, sometimes crazy lyrics. The symbols within the logo represent the character of the artist. Staggered letters support the free, “wild” effect.

The layout and basic shape integrate well into either square or round shapes (e.g. for stickers, flyers, content layout). A key visual and a merchandise illustration were also designed to match the logo. (see below)

Project Information

  1. Design orientation according to the artist’s template/idea
  2. Multiple designs/versions, fast implementation
  3. Digitization for print media

The logo for the band Jano Domo was made based on a simple sketchby Janis Schäfer. The design is accordingly based on the original work. The arrangement of the letters as well as the “A” and the spiral were adopted at the customer’s request, and the design was interpreted in their own style.

  • Freehand drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Logo design music group, according to customer template
  • Working hours: unknown
Jano Domo Bandlogo+Keyvisual Original, Illustration by Hans From Space

Logo & key visual on sticker layout (external photo)

“Jano Domo” band, logo design

“Jano Domo” band, logo design