“Jano Domo” band, Merchandise Illustration

Jano Domo Merchandise Illustration "Fading Music", designed by Hans From Space
Jano Domo Merchandise Illustration "Fading Music"+Logo, designed by Hans From Space

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We would be happy to find a joint solution to design a motif according to your wishes. A hand-drawn, illustrative touch often offers a special factor for many design projects or design layouts. I would love to get to know your future project!

The motif is also available as a postcard (and in the format of your choice) here!

Feel free to take a picture of Janis Schäfer or “Jano Domo” on Instagram for yourself.

Project Information

  1. Illustration for Merchandise items
  2. Layout upright primarily for gym bags
  3. Preliminary drawing freehand DIN A3
  4. Optimization for print media

The illustration “Fading Music” serves as a decorative motif for gym bags, t-shirts or other merchandise items for the band Jano Domo by Janis Schäfer. The extravagant form symbolizes the moments when you are “free” with the music, “let go” or “drift away”.

  • Freehand drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Scanning and digitizing
  • Merchandise illustration “Jano Domo”
  • Size: about 35x25cm
  • Working time: 6.5 hours

Sticker “Fading Music” (external photo)

Fading Music Print Close
Jano Domo "Gitarre" Sticker Gelb, Illustration by Hans From Space

“Jano Domo” Band, Merchandise Illustration

“Jano Domo” band, Merchandise Illustration