“Man and nature”, tattoo template

Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Ganz/Full
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Dyn
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Dyn Ver 2
Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil 1

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shape and composition

The detailed root system extends upwards from the tailbone and runs into a curved, overgrown tree trunk. The tree covers the entire back, where the foliage is missing instead of the human on the branch in the upper left. (The “emaciated” effect of the person was enhanced when finalizing the illustration, which unfortunately cannot be seen in this illustration.) The branch breaks. Man is connected to the plant with dark tubes and has sick, dark spots on his skin. A signal lamp hangs on the top branch, at the level of the neck.

Content & Symbolism

Man and nature. A well-known relationship paradox. Between human parasitic effects on our environment and simultaneous dependence on nature. If we destroy the environment in which we live, we destroy ourselves. Kurt saw the light when he broke a vertebra in his neck. This gave rise to the idea of hanging the signal lamp on the tree at this point as a representative.

Project Information

  1. Conception and implementation of ideas
  2. Preparation of basic structure/layout tree
  3. Changes in drafting
  4. Finalization in consultation

The work for Kurt B. was created at the end of 2019. The idea for a “tree of life” as a backpiece approx. 40x50cm across the entire fuselage had existed for a long time. Together we conceptually worked out the approach and finalized it stylistically in order to underline the desired statement in terms of content.

The template was then adapted by the tattoo artist for the back, e.g. the root structure was simplified, a bark texture was added.

  • Freehand drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Hatching with alcohol markers
  • Tattoo template back, complete
  • Size 40x50cm
  • Working time: about 30 hours

Tattoo pics to follow…

“Man and nature”, tattoo template

“Man and nature”, tattoo template