“Court festival & Open Studio Event”, key visual invitation card

Keyvisual "Sommerfest im Hinterhof", abstrakte Illustration Hofschild, Weinranken, Pergel und Symbole

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The open studio event in the private backyard invites customers and friends to a meet and greet together with some goodies. Furthermore, the organizer shows his design studio. The day will be accompanied by live music from several artists.

First, parts of the background on the front should be designed with the typical ornamental patterns. It turned out that my style was not effective. The previous layout offered too few coherent areas to implement the rhetoric. After an intensive discussion about the effect and the core statements, the idea for the final motif emerged, which solved our “creative knot”.

Project Information

  1. Invitation card open studio event and court festival
  2. Design key visual according to the occasion
  3. Joint conception
  4. Illustration and digitization

An open studio event with tapas, white wine and live music is planned for summer 2020. The key visual for the invitation card was created in an extensive discussion of the topic. After several approaches were discussed and weighed, the decision-making process with the inspiration of the “courtyard sign” idea was immediately clear. The illustration embodies the theme of the event with the basic form and the tendril-enclosed symbols.

  • Freehand drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Scan and digital correction
  • Re-drawing and digitizing
  • Size 10x21cm
  • Working time: 6 hours

Photos of the printed version follow.

Studio CDW – summer party invitation card key visual

“Court festival & Open Studio Event”, key visual invitation card