“Yin Yang & Life”, tattoo template, extension

Yin Yang Tattoo Erweiterung, Vorlage Hans From Space

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Content & Symbolism

I learned about the difficult time in Sarah’s past, which is now over. At the same time, the oversized dot in the motif bothered her. This gave rise to the idea of seeing the error in the depiction as symbolic of suffering in the past. Everything that has shaped the personality and career is embodied by the symbols growing upwards. New life grows out of old debris.

  • Seeds as the origin of better times
  • ginkgo leaves
  • lotus flowers
  • scarab
  • Phoetus
  • Eye
  • Spiral

Project Information

  1. Extension of the unbalanced yin yang symbol
  2. Redefining meaning instead of cover-up
  3. Integration of symbolic content
  4. Implementation in the ornamental style

The first task was to coverthe asymmetrical yin-yang sign (black dot too big) on the upper arm. After Sarah S. told me about some strokes of fate in Berlin in Berlin, we developed the idea of seeing the point as the sourcefrom which her healthy self springs. All the personally formative symbols can also be found in the network that springs from the “seed”. (The rose on the top left is already there and is only for orientation)

  • Freehand drawing with pencil/fineliner
  • Scanning and digitizing
  • Tattoo Extension
  • Size 20x15cm
  • Working time: 4 hours

“Yin Yang & Life”, Tattoo Extension

“Yin Yang & Life”, tattoo template, extension