Design & web design by freelancers for freelancers.

Go unconventional or jump in at the deep end? As founders, it is precisely these experiences that connect us. I would be happy to provide you with innovative ideas to stand out from the crowd and at the same time appear competitive.

Show strengths & use modern advertising media

My competence as an artist and designer lies above all in the web area, in the social media area and in dealing with audiovisual media.

The cross-media combination is ideal for special advertising appearances. I will help you to highlight your advantages and thus address the desired clientele.

Creative, cheap, professional.
Promote your company with innovative ideas.

It’s easy to look at yourself from the outside in the mirror. In the company’s self-perception, its own strengths and core competences are sometimes hidden between the lines.

I look at your character from the outside and get an idea of your company. Based on this, essential building blocks for advertising campaigns or concepts can be developed.

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Design Overview Hans From Space

Webdesign, SEO Copywriting & Landingpages

Promotional material & design for advertising

Logo & corporate identity

Affordable prices from Space

With the right rhetoric, you not only stay visible in orbit… You also stay within your budget.

In order not to be one of many, I design differently. The principle of my work follows logical rhetorical structures. The various media areas build on each other and intertwine.

Since 2008 I have been producing electronic music of all kinds, which can be used for advertising clips or short videos, for example.

Advertise creatively and diversely for companies

You have something nobody has. We just don’t find a way to show that.

I will work with you to create an effective advertising concept – to the extent that you imagine.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple website, a promotion or other promotional material (e.g. printed or for social media).

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Spaceship Cockpit Colorful Keyvisual by Hans From Space handdrawn digitized

Spaceship Cockpit – Keyvisual

Backpiece "Tree & Human" Rücken-Tattoo Sketch Teil Wurzeln Ganz/Full

Personal tattoo template tree back

Lucid Forever Musik Album Cover von Hans From Space

Lucid Forever Album – Cover Artwork

Free Illustration, Mandala Tribal Ornament Style

TIebreak Twin EP – Cover Artwork

Jano Domo Fan, with "Jano Domo" Shirt, Illustration by Hans From Space

Illustration band merch & stage banner

Keyvisual "Sommerfest im Hinterhof", abstrakte Illustration Hofschild, Weinranken, Pergel und Symbole

Invitation card concept graphic

Soundship 02 - Red Sync

“Red Sync” digital collage,
from the poster motif series “Soundships”

How do I get orders for my company?

By making you stand out. That means: Do it differently than the others and be imaginative. You will convince your customers with your professional competence and special values. The right mix of individuality and professionalism will make your brand known.

Announce new business or opening.

If you want to advertise your company, you should know what is being advertised. That sounds easy at first, but with creative drive it is. Whether you advertise your company and earn money essentially depends on how high your recognition value is and how competent you appear.

Design project request

Special concepts for social media, banners, advertisements and websites

Commercials with audio & animation/video

Graphics and design for special campaigns

Personalized appearance & communication concepts

Web designer & freelancer in one (spaceship)

A commercial with music? Too expensive… not with me. There are hardly any providers on the market for a medium budget, where the work is still carried out professionally within a reasonable framework.

Holistic concepts in one line. With a parallel network of cooperation partners.

Many agencies offer very high prices for corporate designs and cross media concepts. As a freelancer and artist, I offer you an absolutely exclusive offer for the implementation of audio and design content.

You benefit from my experience and my partner network. Both in the free approach to art and structurally oriented design, I am happy to make my expertise available to you.

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