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Hans From Space is creating concept-related illustrations, music production and multimedia projects for events and other customers.

Audio- and visual media is used to design emotional and physical spaces. The combination of sensual aspects is leading to an impressive and thrilling sensual experience to fuel entertainment.

Dynamic built contrasts and colorful compositions are key aspects of the style. Rainbow colors support the „Color Fading“ concept, when a color changing light is projected onto the content.

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Hans From Space Craft

diverse media for special ocassions

Hans From Space is combining art, music and light to a multimedia experience. The interaction of different media segments is profitable for events and venues of entertainment. 

The concept provides multiple solutions to implement creative and entertaining solutions for many purposes.

Illustrative design issues and music production/performance are also presented separately, what extends the range of services. Please contact me and write a mail, if you have any concerns about upcoming projects.


  • digital & print illustration
  • tattoo sketches
  • wall art/graffiti
  • canvas and other
  • „Color Fading“ concept
  • design & layout
  • multimedia art exhibitions
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  • music production
  • composition & arrengement
  • recording & editing
  • mix & post production