Contemplatio EP, cover artwork and music by Hans From Space


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Contemplatio EP

Release 2018

The Contemplatio EP  is the first digitally released EP by Hans From Space. It contains mainly melodic, experimental and rhythmic Elements. Beside the Lo-Fi atmosphere, the music contains fine-grained details that are of psychedelic nature.

Genre: Triphop, Electronica, Experimental, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi

Offbeat rhythms and elements mostly build the foundation of the work. This defines the acoustic imprint and personal style of Hans From Space. The music is designed for a contemplative mindstate in quiet, relaxing surroundings – for creative moments or a dreamful morning after a long night out. The instrumentals also work well as background music or to accentuate motion pictures.


Some of the musical pieces have been presented at previous art exhibitions in Mainz. The have been combined with light & art to create a multimedia spectacle in a dark room. The guest got into the so-called „wormhole“ to let their thoughts drift away and let the senses be captivated.

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