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Ein Beitrag geteilt von KUNO (@kuno.fashion)

KUNO, Fashion Start Up

In 2021 “KUNO” kicks off with the slogan “You are changing fashion.”. The concept of the makers is based on recycling old clothes and designing individual collections that support sustainability.

For their 1-minute commercial, I had the honor to produce the customized music and final audio version. Most important for the project was to keep the focus on the content, so that the concept of the start-up company is conveyed faithfully.

  1. Audio editing
  2. Music production & Sound Design
  3. Post Processing Sound Effects
  4. Post production & Mix

Lily of the valley, Folkband

Lily of the Valley (English for lily of the valley) is a German singer-songwriter music group from Bingen and Frankfurt am Main. They combine musical elements from folk, chanson, pop, ethno world music and rock.

– translated from german Wikipedia

The all-women band successfully toured through Europe and Africa in the 90s. They also performed on several radio and TV shows (see Wikipedia). Together with Daniela Kaul new songs were recorded and produced. It was my job to lead the entire production and to realize electronic, modern influences.

The whole concept had the task of updating the appearance of the band and improving the online presence. In addition to the production, I also took care of various matters relating to the online publication and general online appearance of the band

  1. Art direction
  2. Recording: Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Percussion
  3. Audio Editing & Sound Design
  4. Composition & Arrangement
  5. Post Production
  6. Mix & Simple Master
  7. Online publication (& Administration)

Macson, Rapper

Mac has been making music for many years, but he could never manage to finish his songs properly. After many years we digged into his old projects and beats, re-recorded vocals, expanded the composition and rearranged song parts.

We tried to make the best of the old tracks while keeping the original vibe. The long-awaited wish to complete this step in Mac’s life was fulfilled with the completion of the “Brot & Spiele EP”.

  1. Art direction
  2. Recording: Voice / Rap
  3. Audio Editing & Sound Design
  4. Beat Re-Edit & Expansion
  5. Post Production
  6. Mix & Simple Master
  7. Cover artwork