"Hans From Space - Third Eye" Cover Artwork


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The cover shows a ghettoblaster from the early 90s. The special feature of this speaker was the middle speaker. Instead of this one, the so called “Third Eye” is sitting in the same position.

The artwork underlines the multimedia work of Hans From Space and visualizes the connection between illustrative and performing arts. The psychedelic nature of the album let to the decision of picking this seemingly subtle title.

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Third Eye, Album

RELEASE April 2020

The second release “Third Eye” can be musically assigned to many genres. The work combines instrumental beats with vocal chops, hip-hop influence with classic trip-hop atmospheres – experimental pieces of music with electronica, funk, breakbeat and lo-fi elements.

The diversity offers a lot of material to browse. The album was made to demonstrate the variability of Hans From Space’s productions.

The sound design mixes high-pitched brilliance with a lo-fi character, harsh rhythms with warm grooves – preferably with dreamy or psychedelic sound atmospheres. During the production, scenic and emotional aspects where key.


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